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Best Consignment Shop Software is a software program for consignment, resale and thrift stores, and antique malls. It's combination of inventory and customer management, POS sales, rentals, settlement processing and accounting all rolled into one program. The programme can be used in any English-speaking country and has options for different currencies.

BCSS has been designed for ease of use and in soft pastel colors for a soothing appearance. Customers often comment on the logical layout and the convenience of its well-structured user interface.

Most notably, the software is available for a one-time payment. There are no annual service fees. Support is free via email and phone/remote-PC access are available as options. This pricing structure makes it possible to control the cost of obtaining ownership and use of a point-of-sale system, making this application the most popular in the consignment world.

Unlike other programs, BCSS has been developed and is maintained by several people, and that has lent longevity and dependability to the upkeep and maintenance of the software. Since it's beginning in 2002 several individual programmers have come and gone in this relatively small market, and while other vendors have consistently raised prices for software, hardware and services, Best Consignment Shop Software has actually lowered prices, bringing much-needed competition to an over-priced market.